Revelry Carnival – With a show dinner!

After our hugely successful Szil-Western party, we're back with a themed ball! Carnival dishes, artists from the Szeged National Theatre, real revelry music… Do you need more than that?! ?

February 22, 2020 Reveling Carnival!


[!]Limited seats! MAX 140 persons[!]

What can you expect?
✨Carnival decoration reminiscent of the Venice Carnival
✨The nearly half-hour surprise show of the artists of the Szeged National Theatre
✨Parade carnival menu bar
✨Real revelry music and atmosphere courtesy of the Encore Orchestra

Menu bar:
?Shagit dumpling soup

?Crispy pork chops brown beer, steamed champagne purple cabbage, ringed potatoes
?Knotac duck with buttery and foamy mashed potatoes
?Pork virgin roast in colored pepper bark
? Chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella and dried spicy tomatoes in "panko" crumbs
?Fried broccoli roses, onion rings with tartar sauce
?Chicken strips with creamand curry with fragrant jasmine rice
?Salads, Pickles

?Tape carnival doughnut,
?Somló dumplings

Midnight cold bowl snack:
?Honey Chicken Legs
?Csabai stuffed chops
?Ham Rolls filled with sheep curd
?French salad
?Mayonsane pasta salad

The following drinks are available indefinitely:
?Theodora Mineral Water (Acid, Free)
?Pepsi and Schweppes products (Cola, Orange, Citrus mix, tonic, ginger)
?Tropicana Premium Juices (Apple, Orange, Autumn)
?Dreher Gold
?Dreher Cold Hops
? Bottled wines of the winery Inbujdosó , Oliver Irsai, Rosé, Merlot
?Coffee (Espresso, Cappuccino)

? Discount: 13.900 HUF (until 22 Jan)
? Normal: 15.900 HUF (from Jan 23)
Optional accommodation:
? 7.100 HUF/person (Includes breakfast buffet)

Revelry carnival

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