Hot Motel & Bauer Bistro

Welcome to all visitors!

I am Csaba Hot, the owner of the Hot Inn, our family business has been operating under the name Hot Inn since 1987. In 2022, the a la carte restaurant was transformed, which we operate under the name Bauer Bistro.

The Hot Inn is a well-established name, which we leave for classic family events, weddings and the sale of fried bowls. Since we also have a serious accommodation capacity, we continue to operate under the name Hot Motel & Bauer Bistro.

On weekdays we work according to the Bistro menu. On Saturdays, 80% of events are weddings, there are several private events. Ask about free dates.

On Sundays, our buffet lunch is on offer.

With the diversity of our offers, we strive to meet the widest possible needs of our guests. We look forward to seeing you too!



Our Restaurant La Carte, Bauer Bistro, is open from Monday to Friday.

Saturday is for events, while Sunday is for buffet lunches and roast bowls.