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Hot Motel & Bauer Bistro

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I am Csaba Hot, the owner of the Hot Inn, and since 1987 our family business has been operating under the name Hot Inn. In 2022, the a la carte restaurant was transformed, which we operate under the name Bauer Bistro. The Hot Inn is a well-established name, which we leave for classic family events, weddings and the sale of fried bowls. Since we also have a serious accommodation capacity, we operate under the name Hot Motel & Bauer Bistro.

Our Restaurant La Carte, Bauer Bistro, is open from Monday to Friday.

Saturday is for events, while Sunday is for buffet lunches and roast bowls.

Our current discounts:

If you present your own coupon at external events, the following discounts are available!

10% of a la carte dishes are coupons in case of reservations!

With a pre-booking of a Sunday buffet lunch, you will get a 10% discount on the coupon indicator.

For events with more than 50 employees, we prepare a unique offer, taking into account the coupon.

Forro Motel & Bauer Bistro - Ham Selection

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