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Welcome to all visitors!

I am Csaba Hot, the owner of the Hot Inn, our family business has been operating under the name Hot Inn since 1987. In 2022, the a la carte restaurant was transformed, which we operate under the name Bauer Bistro.

The Hot Inn is a well-established name, which we leave for classic family events, weddings and the sale of fried bowls. Since we also have a serious accommodation capacity, we continue to operate under the name Hot Motel & Bauer Bistro.

On weekdays we work according to the Bistro menu. On Saturdays, 80% of events are weddings, there are several private events. Ask about free dates.

On Sundays, our buffet lunch is on offer.

With the diversity of our offers, we strive to meet the widest possible needs of our guests. We look forward to seeing you too!



Our Restaurant La Carte, Bauer Bistro, is open from Monday to Friday.

Saturday is for events, while Sunday is for buffet lunches and roast bowls.

Change, renewal, transformation

Dear Guests!

From April 4, 2022, the menu will be paused for cooking and menu delivery, predictably until autumn. Here we would like to thank you for your unwavering trust in our Inn.

Menu cooking was introduced due to covid closures, due to the increase in the raw material and packaging material, it is not economical in the quantity we cook without a price increase. Since our goal is to return to local consumption, we do not seek to increase the menu for the time being. Balances uploaded to F-coin are not lost, they can still be used for restaurant consumption.

We only undertake food delivery if you order a larger quantity, this can be discussed individually. Takeaway ordering is still available by phone or online (although now the web order is stuttering due to a technical problem.

The Hot Inn restaurant, meanwhile, is being transformed. We continue to operate under the name Hot Motel & Bauer Bistro. In addition to the restaurant's new furniture, it will also receive a new menu, on which the dishes of traditional Hungarian cuisine will be reflected. We are constantly trying to bring in local ingredients and go in the direction of slow food on the farm.

Hot Motel & Bauer Bistro
Hot Motel & Bauer Bistro

We don't close something, we keep changing, we're renewing. By the end of April, we will have 4 studio apartments, which we offer specifically to the audience of rural hospitality and rural tourism.

Popular Sunday buffet lunches resumed in March. Even at last year's price we offer unlimited food and drink consumption (without short drinks). It is advisable to book these lunches in advance. There are popular dates where the number of seats available is already very limited.

Our event room will continue to be the venue for weddings and family events.

In addition to farm food, hobby horse riding and hobby fishing are also among our services from spring.
As a result of the expected increase in cycling tourism, we have established a cycling rest, which will be available again from spring and will offer free services to cyclists. Shady rest benches, drinking water reception, tool kit, air pressure control, electric bicycle charging option. Based on registration, closed parking of vehicles in the yard is also possible for the duration of the bicycle tour.

Important Information on Coronavirus Measures!

Updated: 10/11/2020

November 10, 2020

Dear Guests!

As a result of the government's actions, the following changes will take effect from 11 November 2020 in relation to the operation of the Hot Inn:

  • The restaurant is closed.
  • The accommodation only accepts guests who are connected to work.
  • Meals for hotel guests are provided with a reduced menu.
  • The menu is not available in the restaurant, they are delivered to the house in the areas of Röszke, Szentmihály, Goat Farm. The extension of the transport area will be decided later.
  • Preparations for delivery of A la Carte meals and Pizzas are underway. The launch date will be ed soon.
  • Menus include the 47th menu. The Mix Menu and the Snowmofis menu will be returned from 7:00 p.m.
  • For the sake of our food delivery colleagues, we minimize the acceptance of cash, as well as in real estate, apartments, we do not take orders.

Röszke, 2020. 11. 1
0Hhird Csaba Owner

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